Teeth Whitening – An Effective Way of Getting White Teeth

Adelaide teeth whitening or teeth bleaching is the procedure of whitening the shade of the natural white colour of teeth. Sometimes, whitening is desirable, especially when teeth get yellowed over time due to smoking, coffee, or even age. However, teeth whitening procedures can be expensive depending on your teeth colour, lifestyle, age, and other factors. In such cases, there are several cheaper options that you can consider before undergoing teeth whitening.


Red wine: Have you ever drunk a glass of red wine with dinner? Most likely, you’ll have a pleasant yet satisfying smile after eating it. This is because the inherent properties of red wine have a bleaching effect on tooth enamel. The red wine activates the peroxides that help whiten teeth naturally. Moreover, drinking lots of water after eating will help prevent the teeth from becoming stained. On the other hand, you can also use red wine as a substitute if you do not like the taste of red wine.


Adelaide teeth whiteningStrawberries: Another inexpensive but effective teeth whitening treatment is by using strawberries. The strawberries will effectively prevent stain build-up and remove the outer layer of enamel, which is susceptible to stains. All you need to do is to slice the strawberries into fine pieces and place them onto a tray where you will place them overnight. The next morning, rinse with warm water. Suppose you cannot afford to purchase strawberries. In that case, you can also prepare a homemade teeth whitening solution with strawberries and lemon juice to apply directly onto the teeth for quick yet effective teeth whitening treatment.


Brushing twice daily: While most people only brush their teeth once a day, this habit can cause discolouration. Therefore, brushing your teeth twice a day is the optimal way of removing surface stains such as coffee, tobacco, and tea. It is also advisable to brush it after lunch since it is during this time that bacteria start to build upon the teeth and make them yellow. On the other hand, you should apply one of the teeth mentioned above Adelaide teeth whitening treatments if you don’t like the taste of coffee or tea. Moreover, you should brush your teeth twice daily to ensure that plaque does not accumulate because it is composed primarily of hard mineral deposits left after meals.


Metal fillings: Aside from the usual factors, certain factors like diet and lifestyle can also affect the colour of your teeth. If you are fond of smoking, you must quit because tobacco can cause teeth whitening problems. Likewise, fillings made of metal have been known to cause sensitivity, especially when you are eating hot foods. On the other hand, if you choose porcelain fillings, you must be patient because the procedure may take two weeks or even more than a month, depending on how sensitive your teeth are.


Home teeth whitening: Besides those mentioned above, there are Adelaide teeth whitening options like over-the-counter products and home remedies. An at-home bleaching kit or an in-office treatment are two common things you can find in your dental office.


However, they are less effective if compared to dentist treatments. Over-the-counter products are less effective because they use chemicals harmful to your health; they may also contain inactive ingredients that may affect your health later on.

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