Is Breast Reduction Surgery Safe?

Breast reduction (also called mastopexy)is a major cosmetic plastic surgery procedure where plastic surgeons significantly reduce breast size. This type of surgery is becoming more common in the United States. Women are extremely dissatisfied with their breast sizes, and this surgery is an effective method to reduce their breast size. This cosmetic procedure can be very beneficial, but women need to consider all their options before undergoing it. Many different factors are considered when deciding if breast reduction is right for you.


A consultation with a plastic surgeon will help determine if CentralDaySurgery breast reduction Adelaide is right for you. On the day of consultation, you will be given an evaluation of your breast size, and you will also discuss your expectations and possible results from this procedure. The surgeon will evaluate your goals and recommend the best route to take to achieve those goals. The doctor will likely perform some tests during your consultation to determine if breast reduction is a good candidate for you. Many women find that swelling occurs after the surgery, and this can last for several weeks. Swelling is normal during post-operative recovery, and it will go down once you have finished healing.



While swelling may occur, this does not mean that your surgery is a bad one. You should still expect excellent results from your surgery, as the increase in your breast size is the same tissue that you would have had if you were not CentralDaySurgery breast reduction Adelaide. Your increased bust size is larger muscles and ligaments that will respond well to weight training and exercise.


Many women suffer from huge breasts, and they do not want to wear any undergarments that are too tight or uncomfortable. Some plastic surgeons recommend a tummy tuck at the same time as a CentralDaySurgery breast reduction Adelaide procedure. It is often a good idea, as a tummy tuck is similar to having a baby. If you have plenty of fat to lose, you will be much happier with the results of both procedures. Many people feel better after a tummy tuck than before, and many plastic surgeons recommend the procedure for their patients with large breasts.


As long as you are physically healthy and can follow all of your doctor’s instructions, you should have no trouble getting surgery in Adelaide. You may experience some discomfort after your surgery, but this usually resolves itself in two days. You may experience some bruising or swelling after your procedure, and you should let your doctor know about any of these issues. Remember that this will likely be a temporary problem. In most cases, you will be back to normal in a few weeks.


You may feel a bit sore during your recovery period, and your breasts may ache slightly. However, these are fairly minimal compared to what you would experience had you not performed the surgery. After your surgery, you should see an improvement within a few weeks, and your appearance should improve as well. Although many women are sceptical about having reduction mammoplasty performed in Adelaide, the procedure is safe and effective. Many women return to their original size after their reduction surgery.