Asbestos Removal: Demolishing Your Beloved Structural Material

In construction, asbestos removal is an organized set of processes designed primarily to prevent the release of asbestos particles into the environment. Before 1970 most commercial buildings and industrial facilities were constructed with asbestos insulation. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that has been widely used for many years in construction because of its fire retardant properties. It was used in such high volumes because it is resistant to heat, flame, electricity, chemicals, and biodegradable. Unfortunately, asbestos is also resistant to the removal methods used today. Therefore, most asbestos-containing materials need to be properly removed and disposed of.

There are many benefits to having an asbestos abatement by MPA Asbestos Removal Adelaide on site. The contractor can perform the asbestos removal process without any danger to you or anyone else on the property. No chemicals are used, which means no fumes, dust, or asbestos particles contaminate the working space. The only thing exposed is the asbestos material itself which will be ground up and taken away from your premises.


Many people don’t realise just how hazardous the air pressure caused by demolition can be. When an asbestos removal contractor uses a high-pressure air compressor like the type found in most industrial buildings, they can remove the bulk of the asbestos without contaminating the surrounding air. High pressure air compressors typically utilize CO2, propane, butane or nitrogen. There are many different models, and not all of them will work well in every situation.

If you choose to demolish a structure, and there is asbestos present, you need to have it removed as soon as possible and with MPA Asbestos Removal Adelaide. Hiring an asbestos removal company to do the job is your best option. Their experience will ensure no harmful debris is released, and they are trained in the use of breathing masks and other protective gear. They should also provide you with a list of all the individuals involved in the dismantling process so you have an accurate timeline to keep track of the progress of each team member. Having this information will make sure no workers are missed and no asbestos is overlooked.

Asbestos disposal is expensive, so you may want to consider demolition as an option instead. Your responsibility is to make sure any materials you dispose of properly do not contain asbestos fibres. However, asbestos removal companies can help ensure your materials are properly disposed of and get rid of the asbestos fibres safely. You may think the process sounds too dangerous to tackle yourself, but when properly handled, demolition and asbestos disposal is a safe and effective way to get rid of asbestos. It will cost more to hire a professional company to handle the task, but it may be the best course of action in the long run.